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It arrived, it's beautiful and makes me very happy. Today was my birthday and this made it special for me.

-Liz Bone

Sharon’s art is like jumping into shifting colors of light blue and turquoise water. She paints blissful places with a unique enjoyment of pristine places.

-Damian Montal

I want to thank you for your painting “Mystic Seaport”. You certainly are a talented artist.

-Andrew Benton

I installed your beautiful serigraph prints in the library of Shore Memorial Cancer Care. The director and staff of the center were delighted with them as the beautiful colors complimented the interiors and the quiet beauty of the landscapes added to the calming nature of the environment.

-Patti Reed-Rosenberg

When I travel back to my Island home, I spend hours standing on a rock in the ocean looking out at the sea. Your artwork reminds me of that special time gazing out and feeling the water and sand on my feet.

-Jose Vargas, Duggal Visual Solutions

Sharon Rosenfeld Scott at the opening at Old Sculpin

2018                   Cultural Interiors, Los Angeles, CA

1996-20             Old Sculpin Gallery, Edgartown, MA

2015                    Lousia Gould Gallery, Vineyard Haven, MA

2014                    Maser Galler, Falmouth Community Television, Falmouth, MA

2013                    Gallery of Graphic Arts, New York, NY

2009                   The Shacknow Museum of Fine Arts, Plantation, FL  

2007                    New Art Center, New York, NY

2007                    A Taste of Art, Kaufman Arcade, New York, NY

2005                   Artexpo Solo, New York, NY

                              Freeport Arts Center, Freeport, IL

2003                   Science Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA

2000                   Hofstra Museum, Hempstead, NY     

                              Purdue University, Hammond, IN                            

1999                     Gallery Leuenberger, Zurich, Switzerland 

1998-00             Mayer, Brown & Platt, New York, NY

1996                     Jadite Gallery, New York, NY

1992                     Gallery Galimberti, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

                              Century Galleries, Henley on Thames, England

                              Righetti Fine Art Trading, Muri-Bern, Switzerland

1991                      Michael Ingbar, New York, NY

1990                    Mead Data Central, Pan Am, New York, NY

1983                    80 Washington Square East Gallery, New York, NY




2017                    The Lotos Club, New York, NY

2013                    National Academy, New York, NY

2013                    Parallax AF, New York, NY 

2010-14             Lumen Gallery, New York, NY

2009                  Broadway Gallery, New York, NY

2008                  The Playset, Gallery 173-171, New York, NY

2007                  State of Longing, Chashama Gallery, New York, NY

2006                  New Art Center, New York, NY

2006                  Lo Pressionism Gallery, Melbourne, FL

2003                  The Lotos Club, New York, NY             

1998                   Munson Gallery, Chatham, MA

1997                    Market Barn Gallery, Falmouth, MA

1993                   ‘Art Addiction’, Stockholm, Sweden

                             State of the Art 93, Boston, MA

1992                    Alumni Exhibition, Presidents Office, Pratt Institute, NY

1991                     Whetherholt Galleries, Washington DC

1989                    ‘In Search of the American Experience’, MNAF, Federal Plaza, NY

                              Deutsch-Americkanisches Institute, Regensburg, Germany

1988                    Mead Data Central, MNAF, Washington DC

                             “Primary States”, Marymount College, New York, NY

1987                    Lobbyist Systems Group, MNAF, Washington DC

                             IBEX International, MNAF, Washington DC

                              American-French Art Exchange, Auvers-sur-Oise, France

1986                    Rolly-Michaux Gallery, New York, NY

                              Jayne Baum Gallery, New York, NY

1985                    Tower Gallery, New York, NY

1984                    Tracy Garet Assoc., “Romantic Paintings,” New York, NY

1983                    429 West Broadway Gallery, Okayama, Japan

1981                     Althea Viafora Gallery, New York, NY




The Lotos Club, New York, NY

The Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA

Senator Daniel Inouye, Honolulu, HI

                            Owens Arts Place Museum, Guthrie, OK                            

          The Shacknow Museum of Fine Arts, Plantation, FL            

                         Pfizer, inc., New York, NY                         

                    Freeport Art Center, Freeport, IL                     

                  Purdue University, Hammond, IN                     

                  Hofstra Museum, Hempstead, NY                    

Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA  

Science Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke,VA 

    Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhardt, IN

                Eagle Rock Art Museum, Idaho Falls, ID                

Meadows Museum of Art, Shreveport, LA

                                                Taube Museum of Art, Minot, ND                                                

Ozark Heritage Art Museum, Leslie, AR





1989 :    Special Mention, In Search of the American Experience

1985 :   Artist in Residence Grant, Millay Colony for the Arts

1977 :    Ford Foundation Studio Art Award



            1983      MA, New York University                      

1977      BFA, Pratt Institute, New York




1993  :    ‘Art Addiction’, Stockholm

 1993  :   ‘Who’s Who in International Art

    ‘Le Livre d’Or des Collectionneurset Amatueurs d’Art’, Paris

1989 :    Catalogue, MNAF, Federal Plaza

1987 :   Catalogue, American-French Art Exchange

1983 :  Catalogue, 429 West Broadway Gallery Okayama, Japan



1989,   Professional Office Design, January / February

1989,    Manhattan Arts, “Profile”, June

1984,  Arts Magazine, “Review‘, May                  




Martha’s Vineyard Art Association

Los Angeles Art Association

The Lotos Club

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